How to Deposit

The first thing to do the first login. After a successful login and then you select the deposit or delivery. Then the popup will appear on your browser like to see below:

Step 1 Already appear a popup as shown above, there are 3 steps to make a deposit. For the first step you need to select the bank and fill in the amount you want to transfer. You need to remember if you want to transfer amounting to 50.000 then you simply write on the neck of the number which is a number 50 only. When choosing a bank and fill in the amount, then you click on next and go on to step two as to draw upon the following:

Step 2 you should note that no account account and the account name account. Then you initiate a transfer to the account number. If you have successfully put through a transfer to an account that has been determined, then you select the next and will go on to step 3, as shown below:

The third Screenshot 3 you do confirm if it has initiated the transfer by filling the date and time listed on the receipt atm. If you have filled the next you just click send and wait 1-5 minutes.